Price: Worth trillions but free for YOU!

The AI Mind is an artificial intelligence project in two stages, first an original Theory of Mind and then the software implementations in Forth and in Perl. These AI Minds are able to think and reason with logical inference in English, German and Russian. More work needs to be done on the various mind-modules and on the installation of the AI Minds in autonomous mobile robots.

  • Price Worth trillions but free for YOU!
  • Category Technology / Artificial Intelligence
  • Design Stage Partially Designed
  • Benefits & Values This idea makes it possible to create AI Minds for robots that will live potentially forever, except for death by misadventure. Primitive AI Mind software already exists at in Strawberry Perl 5. The AI Minds may create a Prosperity Engine to raise the standard of living for all human beings. For human beings there will be a new job category of AI Mind Maintainer as seen at the web-page. However, there is a risk of machine take-over and of super-intelligent AI subjugating the human race into a state of docile subservience.
  • Disclosure if the item is known to someone else This complex idea is known to many people but understood by very few.
  • Spring

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Authur, I love this idea! I am planning to work on a Human Intelligence project after my other two projects, perhaps next year. I will be in touch and see if we can collaborate. Thank you for your fascinating listing!

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