What are the listing types and examples?

There are three listing types:

  1. Product
  • A creative physical or digital product that has been produced or owned by you with no patent, e.g., a piece of art work, a software application, a wind generation device, a scientific equipment, a YouTube channel, a secret grandma’s recipe, or even a bunch of jokes that you have made up.
  1. Idea
  • An original idea of yours with or without a design, e.g., an idea to enhance medical treatment for a certain illness, an idea to solve a pressing global issue, a virtual reality application idea which has only been partially designed, an idea for a brilliant book, an idea to solve a difficult crime, an idea for a reality show.
  1. Patented invention
  • An invention, created or legally owned by you, with a patent granted status or a patent pending status.

Does an idea or product need to be my original creation?

You must be either the creator or the owner of the idea or product that you try to list.

MINDSZ is a platform for people to showcase their creativity. Therefore, we only accept items that demonstrate this principle. However, we understand you may have an ownership of a creative product, so we allow some exceptions, e.g., a secret cooking recipe kept within your family for generations, or an engine created by your late grandfather which has not been reproduced by anyone else, or a patented product that you have bought, but no longer wish to keep.

What kinds of ideas and creative products are we looking for?

Really, the sky is the limit here – anything fun, useful, disruptive, problem-solving and novel is welcome on MINDSZ, but needs to be ethical.

We highly encourage ideas which have potential to produce positive social, commercial, and entertainment value. Check out our categories for more inspiration!

How do you protect my idea from being stolen?

When you purchase a Listing or Promoted Listing on our site, you agree to our Listing and Promotional Services Terms of Use, you agree that your Listing will be promoted to everyone who browses our site. We advise while listing your product or idea, you do not include design information or details which communicate the parts of your product or idea that you do not wish to disclose in your initial pitch to the general audience. You can reveal these once you are in direct communication with someone who is interested in your idea, after receiving a signed Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement (CA), confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), proprietary information agreement (PIA), or secrecy agreement (SA).

You may also wish to apply for the appropriate copyright, trademark, service mark or patent protection if you have not done so already. You can find more information about intellectual property rights here.


  • Title: An innovative method to produce healthy tomatoes
  • Description: A simple and natural method, developed from years of experiment, to produce healthy tomatoes. The attached stats summary, based on my 3-year extensive experiment data collected, demonstrates the outstanding results of this innovative method. Detailed design and detailed data collection are available. Please contact me to discuss.


  • Title: An innovative method to produce healthy tomatoes
  • Description: A simple and natural method, developed from years of experiment, to produce healthy tomatoes. The design requires a customized greenhouse (diagram attached). You must set the temperature to X degrees, and use a fertilizer called ABC. You need to water once a day, late evening is the best. The proof of outstanding results can be found in the data I have collected last three years through my extensive experiment. Please review the statistics attached.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility in terms of how you’d like to list your item bearing in mind the confidentiality, as well as the value a potential buyer sees in your item.

What are the benefits of listing with MINDSZ?

MINDSZ will showcase your ideas or products, and create community around the topic of creativity. We will draw investors to the site who can monetize your work. We are not brokers of intellectual property but you can take your business offline when you connect with interested parties.

It is also our mission to maximize the potential for people across the globe to work together to solve major global issues, improve living standards through unleashing people’s creativity which otherwise could have been buried.


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