A New Art Concept Based on Martial Arts and Movement Recognition Technology

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Martial arts have a long and rich history. It is one of the rare art forms that has a deep linkage with religion and spirituality, as well as balances internal and external, mental and physical, ying and yang. What differs martial arts from other forms of sports or arts is a rich variety of styles, each coming with distinct body movements.

When I was a young child, I was fascinated by Chinese Martial Arts. The evolution of Chinese martial arts was deeply influenced by philosophies. A few prominent Chinese philosophers were the inspirations behind various styles and methods. Each style produced different ways of body movements with some mimicking the movements of animals.

Combining such a wealthy form of ancient art with the modern day technology can generate a new powerful concept of art.

I envision this new art uses a movement recognition technology to capture martial arts performed by a practitioner onto a digital screen. It can then be represented in several art forms such as digital painting, printmaking and interactive media. It can be further developed into virtual reality fitness exercises.

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