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This is a theme I am working on leading up to an exhibition next March 2018. We often see birds as messengers – even use them to take or symbolise messages. I have included a painting I did in 2005 of a one legged Blackbird we used to feed. The painting shows the constant threat he lived under, but he learned to trust us because he needed our help with food in the winter. The other two artworks will not be a part of the coming exhibition, but they show how I plan to work with colour and acrylic mirrors. I plan to add pictures as I finish each piece.  For the theme I will start with Noah’s Ark encircled by a rainbow – with twigs growing from the foot out of the water and a dove flying with a twig in his beak. This will form a central large piece with smaller works around. I plan to do a blackbird, an eagle, a robin, a raven, a swan and a parrot… watch this space!!!! – and wish me luck! Oh! I also plan a 3D bit with two floral cats – one watching the pictures and the other stalking some small 3D birds…

so excited!! Here is the first and biggest in a series called “The Bird Brings a Message”. This one is called SOMEWHERE 60x60cm mixed media. so now I have added BLACKIE AT NIGHT ,REGAL EAGLE, ROB BOB BOBBIN, NEVERMORE (all 36x46cm) and SWANSONG and PARROT TALK  (both 29x29cm). Finally here are a few images of the 3D models – one cat looks at the wall mounted birds while the other stalks a bird….

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  • Spring

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    Rosy, you are too creative! I admire your beautiful artwork as well as the meaning behind. I can't wait to see the new ones. Very best of luck!

  • OwenRoosFan

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