Political Refinery 22 Experiment

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Political Refinery (PR22) Experiment is an experiment proposed by Mindsz. The program will bring 22 people from different spectrums of politics into one forum, and go through a mini transformation to find common ground. The experiment may lead to a longer term or a bigger scale experiment. It may see us co-author a book, or contribute to political theory, or turn this experience into a TV documentary.

Duration: 7 weeks on a part-time basis, will not interfere with your day job
Starting date: TBC
Agenda and format: to be finalised, but will involve a few different formats
Total number of people: 22 + two facilitators/observers
Requirements: be rational, and comply with MINDSZ’s forum rules
Commitments: each participant needs to write a blog at the end of the experiment detailing the experience, e.g., to articulate what has changed (before and after experiment comparison), or not changed, reasons behind the change or no change, lessons learnt, and the verdict.
Other contributions (optional): artistic representation of your inner transformation or observation of this experiment. It can be in any form, e.g., painting, drawing, music, and writing. This is optional, but it may bring some great value to this experiment and a possible documentary.
How to apply: you can contact us via Contact, or sign up Mindsz.com, go to Forums, and join the Political Refinery forum. We will be in touch to find out more information.

Every two weeks, a PR22 facilitator or observer will post a blog to keep the public up to date with the progress of this experiment. A detailed report will be made available at the end of the experiment.

Due to the nature of this experiment and a requirement of balancing gender, age, cultural background, political preference and so forth, a short selection process will be taken place.

Hope you find this proposal exciting and rewarding. Look forward to your response and/or participation. Thank you!

To learn more about the Political Refinery idea, visit this link.

  • Category Humanities / Politics
  • Design Stage Partially Designed
  • Benefits & Values This experiment, if successful, has a potential to inspire more unity and shared value in politics. It can change the current state of negativity to something much more positive.

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